Sunday, November 18, 2012

Controlled SIM Cloning: Personal Device Synchronization Made Easy

This is the age of multiple devices being used by same person at different occasions in a day. It is a must for the user to get the time to time device switching in time periods of work in a day’s work itself.

We may wake up to a mobile or tablet. The office time may switch over for a notebook, a laptop or a desktop. Mobiles will come in parallel action during day time as well. Then again change over for some other devices. This list may go long. Whether it is a desktop, Laptop, notebook, mobile or tablet, the digital piece is live if it has one thing. Connection! Internet connection!

Connectivity Problem from Multiple Personal Devices

Connectivity is a thing which used to come through wire. But, the new face of it is through air. WiFi, 3G etc. are giving way for this. Among this, mobile network based connectivity is the one which is of major need. But, there lies the problem.

For connecting each and every mobile device a person holds if he needs different mobile connections. This is making life more complex and more difficult to keep track. Which number is in mobile? Which number is with my tablet? Which number I should use in my Skype account? What is my current plan in this number?

Solution with Controlled SIM Cloning

To make this complex life simple, the only possibility is to clone the same SIM and get connected with the same number from different devices the same person uses over a day. In most of the countries, SIM cloning is a far cry currently due to its legal complications. So, it should be made as a legal option but with the control from service providers. Controls can be like:
  • Limit the number of clones of a SIM.
  • No network connectivity from one SIM to other clones.
  • Control the use of cloning devices with service providers only.


Multiple device usage will be easy with this like:
  • No more worry of missing calls and SMSs while you are busy or away.
  • Same data and call plans will work across different devices.

Problems Ahead

The advantages will have its side problems as well:
  • Number tracking of all cloned SIMs by service providers.
  • How to handle calls and SMS to the same number to reach all different SIMs?

So we can have a hassle free future ahead with cloned SIMs