About Me (എന്നെപറ്റി)

Here goes the 5 'W'ives and 1 'H'usband that explains me:


1. Who am I?
I am a Software Engineer working at Fiserv, Banagalore since April 2011 and before that I was working for Nous Infosystems (Nov 2009 to Apr 2011) and dWise Solutions and Services Private Ltd., Bangalore(Dec 2008 to Nov 2009).

I have completed my Bachelor of Technology graduation from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering located in Kothamangalam which is also known as the gateway of high range located in Eranakulam District of Kerala State in India.

Before that I had done my schooling at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Pathanamthitta and Thirumoolavilasam U P School, Thiruvalla (My home town).

2. What am I?
I am basically a Software Engineer working in Microsoft .NET and that is my profession. So for your information I do make web applications based on dynamic pages as well different windows applications as well. I am really sorry if that description gone a little bit technical if you felt so. But that is me.

3. Where am I?
Currently I am staying at Bangalore where I am working and there stays my body. But basically I am a native of Kerala and my home town is Thiruvalla, and there stays my soul.

4. When am I?
My birthday falls on the Month of January on the day of 24. By that my sun sign falls as Aquarius.But at Kerala there is a traditional way of looking into this astrological signs. By that calculations my astrological sign is 'Punartham'. It is difficult way in which it is calculated and even I dont know how it is done. But one thing I know is that, my sign is that. Even epic hero Rama of Ramayana shares the same sign of 'Punartham'.

5. Why am I?
I am here to blog and spread the knowledge what I have to people around the world. Now you may may be thinking that I am a great scholar with his bag full of knowledge. For that I tell you that I am not that kind. But still I expect you can learn something from me.

1 'H'usband

How am I?
I have started blogging and got here after a lots of thought regarding that. I thought first why should I blog. Then I had seen that when I search many a things I end with somebody else's blogs for answers. So I thought it is the best way to share my knowledge and light other's life too. That is how I started to blog.